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The Annual West Melton Art Event & Awards

The West-Melton Art Event was established in 2005 At The Nut Point Gallery.

The tradition started as an initiative around a small group of local artists in The West Melton Area at Selwyn District South Island New Zealand.

In just a few years it has grown to a wider area and variety of artists, including some overseas exhibitors .

The aim is to promote the arts  and artists onto decision makers in organizations and individuals involved in the art scene at Christchurch and anywhere else.

The exhibition hosts established artists alongside emerging ones, and celebrates with a well known guest exhibitor.

Each year, the annual event starts off with a festive opening night open to invited guests.

One of the highlights of this event is “The Nut Point Centre Art Awards”, this is a highly valued  recognition to outstanding artists ,nominated by fellow exhibitors in a transparent , educated and objective as possible method , reaching a true as possible outcome of selecting the highest achievers for the year.

The Exhibition is held in the New Zealand High summer season, early in the year usually at February and carried on for later viewing.

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