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Previous Events 

2012 Exhibiting Artists

Abbott Margaret -Christchurch  -Oil

Allan John -Selwyn -Clay  

Austin  Merlyn  -Christchurch  -Oil

Beyer Simon -Christchurch - Mixed

Bonner  Patrick - Christchurch -Acrylic  

Budler  Rose-Marie Christchurch - Oil  

Capaldi   Juliette- Christchurch - Photography

Carr  Bridget- Selwyn- Acrylic  

Choi  Chunki -Christchurch - Ink

Dias  Livia -Christchurch - Oil

Gale   Juliana - Christchurch - Pastel  

Gill Rosie- Christchurch -Mixed

Gracie  Deanna -Christchurch- Jewelry  

Hodgins-Jones  Anne -Christchurch - Oil

Hwang  Sook -Christchurch- Mixed

Irwin  Cheryl  -Mathven  -Acrylic  

Killoran Ruth -Christchurch -Mixed  

Kim  Ki Hyun -Christchurch  -Oil  

Kinghorn  Jocelyn- Christchurch -Oil

Kotalikova-Kearney Eva Christchurch -Oil

Leonard   Gray -Selwyn- Oil  II Award 2012

Lim Jong Soon -Christchurch - Water  

Lowen-Smith Henry -Geraldine - Oil

Maillard John -Christchurch - Photography

McCann  Maureen -Darfield - Acrylic  

McLeod  Ruth -Rangiora- Clay

McSherry Grant -Darfield -Oil

Mils  Sarah  -West Melton -Mixed

Orinko   Svetlana -Christchurch  -Water colour

Palmer  Sandra - Christchurch -Water colour

Pankhurst  Alvin -Auckland -Oil

Peek Eva -Christchurch - Acrylic  

Pirie Alan -Rolleston - Oil

Porter  Janie  -Christchurch - Acrylic  

Reade  Gaby -Heathcote Valley- Water colour

Reid  Ruth - Christchurch - Acrylic  

Smetham Michael  -Christchurch  -Acrylic    

Walker Noeline -Christchurch -Jewelry

Watson Kathie -Christchurch- Mixed  

Watton  Christine -Kaipoi -Mixed - I Award 2012

Werner Karin -Loburn - Water  III Award 2012

Wilson Celia -Christchurch  -Acrylic

Yonetani  Katsumasa -Christchurch - Oil  

Photos by

Juliette Capaldi

& Alan Pirie

Press Cover

Opening Night Speakers

1. The Minister of Internal Affairs  ,The Hon Amy Adams.

2. The vice  Consulate General  of  China, Mr Xinmin Wang.

3.  Director of the Centre of Fine Arts, Music

  & Theatre at the University of Canterbury,Hubert klaassens. 

4. Selwyn Mayor ,Kelvin Coe.

5. Guest artist ,Alvin Pankhurst  -Auckland.

      6. CGDA Vice President  (Awards Sponsors), Patrick Guo.