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All  events of the coming year are listed on the booking form.

 if you wish to book for an event later than the “ Coming  up next ” ,

you are able to do so .

If in doubt, please call  3421033 or e-mail

Coming up next :

Sunday 4 August  2 p.m.

Or Call 3421033

- Concerts Series(Classical & Jazz)

 $25 *pp Includes;Light supper or Afternoon Tea.

-Special Events and Workshops  

Price, indicated on event info.

(Loyalty cards excluded)

-Young Blood  Concerts

 $15 pp ($10 for Kids under 10) Includes;Light supper or Afternoon Tea.   

Refunds -are made in full  for any cancellations up to 2 days before performance .  

Loyalty Cards (not including Special Series) are only$17 per concert  

Click to purchase your Loyalty Card  *  (5 entries for$85 pp valid for a year)        

2019 Programme

Anthony Ferner  of the CSO

On flute with  a group of friends

Light Classical afternoon

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