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Can be ordered online here, or by calling: 342 1033

-Series Concerts (Classical & Jazz) - $25 p.p. Includes;Light supper or Afternoon Tea.

-Special Events and Workshops  - Price, indicated on event info.*(Loyalty cards excluded)

-Young Blood  Concerts - $15 p.p. ($10 for Kids under 10)

                                                          Includes;Light supper or Afternoon Tea.*

                                                       * Young Blood Series with  Tea /Coffee only $5p.p.

Order/Booking Form

Refunds -are made in full  for any cancellations up to 2 days before performance .

Un cancelled Tickets as above  will be charged in full unless cancelled.  

Joining The Nut Point (NPC) Music Club-Loyalty Member

For only $ 85 pp you get to pick 5 Concerts of the annual programme during 1 year from day of purchase (that's only $17 for concert and supper).

For setting up your membership Call John on  342 1033

or email

*Cheque -to be sent to :Nut Point- 703 Old West Coast Road Christchurch 7671.

** Direct Credit- to be made to: Nut Point Account:02 0800 0890144 000.

If crediting on the weekend/ day of concert,please bring with you ,a transaction printout thank you!

***Paying at the door -see refund terms for cancellation below.*(Credit Cards payment, surcharge of 3%)