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Events  at The Nut Point

The Nut Point Centre is a wonderful venue for  the arts and art related workshops, field  /retreat days and seminars in the countryside .

Corporate & Professional  Development Services

Corporate & Professional  Development

The Centre is located just 16 km from University of Canterbury campus or the Christchurch Airport , is operating in 3 different venues on the property.

From the fully indoor & quiet surroundings, to semi outdoor,

great location for creative inspiration, or at the fully outdoor experience of tranquillity and peacefulness.

The venue has a wide variety of different activities and can host from 5 to 250 people (depending on the nature of the activity)fully indoor workshops and seminars are recommended from 5 to 70 participants.

In house and outsourced catering provided.

For further information & details, with no obligation personal advice from  our Events Coordinator

call 342 1033 or email