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The Nut Point Centre’s Gallery

Solo Exhibitions .Art Collections .The Annual art Event  

The Nut Point was founded in October 2003 as an art Studio/Gallery by the Clay Sculptor John Allan.

The Centre is today hosting:

-Solo Exhibitions

-Art Collections

-An Annual Art Event

Since  2005 the Centre is organising and hosting

“The Annual West Melton Art Event”.

The tradition started as an initiative around a small group of local artists in The West Melton Area at Selwyn District South Island New Zealand.

In just a few years, it has grown to a wider area and variety of artists, including some overseas exhibitors.

The aim is to promote and expose emerging artists alongside established ones .

So far , the following Guest Artist took part in this annual event.

-For details about the above exhibitions and the other solo ones ,have a look at the relevant events pages

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