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John Allan

John began experimenting with clay as a young child in school.

He excelled in art classes, particularly pottery and sculpting.

After graduating from high school, John continued creating, first just for family and friends.

Over  years of work and an enormous number of art works,  

In 2003, John finally opened his own Art Gallery, where he exhibits clay sculptures and artistic pottery.

John has been managing the Nut Point Centre since it’s foundation in 2002 as a studio/ gallery.

His directorship enabled him to gradually expand the activities to an arts & music centre, which hosts annual exhibitions, concerts, art related activities and charity events.

John’s mark on the arts and music activities are well noticed and appreciated in Canterbury.

The annual programme of the centre is structured in 4 series per year:

Classical, Jazz, Special Events and Young Blood.

Apart from local and international performers, the programmes allows collaboration with the Music School of the University of Canterbury, University of Auckland, the Christchurch School of Music

and other high level preforming music schools ,or renowned music teachers in the region,

Providing an amazing support to Christchurch City and  the Selwyn District.